The Angel Therapy healing Room

The Angel Therapy healing Room

The Angel Therapy Healing Room is a safe and sacred healing space where I can help guide you to heal the mind, body and soul working with physical pain, mindfulness and connecting to who we truly are.

Finding the balance between our physical and consciousness needs is essential for our overall health and wellbeing.

Working with a direct connection with my guides, angels and ascending masters within the lower, middle and upper worlds. I work with the best intensions for my clients and guide you to which practise will benefit you the most.

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Treatments and Prices



A detailed consultation.



Spiritual coaching looks to help in any area of your life where you are feeling unfulfilled, stuck or uninspired by shifting negativity and healing old wounds.

Spiritual coaching aims to achieve transformation by building confidence and finding motivation to help transcend any previous limits to tap into your life purpose and to Connect to who we truly are and the world we live in.

By looking into our thoughts, emotions and self knowledge I can help you to embrace your higher purpose and to discover how manifesting the law of attraction can lead to true happiness and wellbeing.

I will help to create a plan tailored to your specific goals and desires supporting you as you put the steps into action to manifest a better life for yourself and your loved ones.



Using methods of hands on, hands off and distant healing channelling medicine energy to help heal the mind, body and soul.

It cleanses the chakras (energy centres in your body) and reignites the energy flow.
Powerful living energy fills the empty channels and energy fields, accelerates stagnation, removes blockages and most importantly heals the physical body whilst restoring healing energy and harmony to the mind, body and soul.



Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times to the present day it also cuts across all faiths.

Working within a sacred medicine wheel of protection and using rhythmic sounds of the shamanic drum, the rattle and native traditions to communicate and interact with spirits and travel to other worlds.

The vibrational energy passes through the body in the system of our chakras and help with our physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

By listening to the sound you make contact with the higher forces of the universe.

Reaching the altered state of consciousness my shamanic work includes power animal retrieval, nature based healing, Despacho ceremonies, ancestral healing, soul retrieval, past life regression therapy, divination and spiritual healing.



Angel therapy is the practice of communicating with angels as a key to healing, inspiration, protection and living a happy life.

I will teach you by opening our mind’s we can gain inspiration from angels in all aspects of our lives.

Their wisdom can help us overcome difficulties, become more loving and learn how to find inner peace.

Working with the angelic hierarchy I can help connect you to Your guardian angels who will accompany you throughout your healing and will guide you through all of your trails and tribulations and will love you unconditionally.

Angels have a definite affinity with chakra healing.

We can enlist the angels to help balance, explore and heal your chakras working with a deep connection to the divine source of unconditional love.



Using the energy of crystals for healing is an ancient art.

As each crystal has a unique internal structure, it causes them to resonate at a certain frequency it is this resonance that gives the crystals their healing abilities.

Crystal therapy has the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself and protect against disease.

Using crystal placement aligned with the chakra points allows the energetic power of the crystals to help unblock, focus and direct energy to help heal the mind, body and soul.


FROM £20

I have always had the sixth sense and I am guided daily by my spirit guides and ascending masters.

I have always connected with spirit since childhood and my intuition is what separates me from my physical body to my consciousness.

To connect to my mediumship and psychic abilities I use 4 channels which are clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing) which allows me to be the bridge between heaven and earth allowing me to connect with loved ones.

Mini reading 30 mins – £20

Full reading and with spiritual guidance 1 hr – £35

Healing and full reading with spiritual guidance 2 hours – £60

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